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We Deliver Outstanding Service

Friendly Staff

JET Services is constantly on the look-out for upbeat enthusiastic people. Attitude is everything in the world of customer service. We pride ourselves in locating and maintaining high quality, knowledgeable, happy employees.

Awesome Food

Years of experience has taught us how to select the best combination of foods for specific events. We combine visual presentation, smell, and taste to ensure customer satisfaction. JET Services delights seeing happy faces on their second trip to the serving station.

Unique Food, Beverage & Novelty Displays

JET Services provides Specialty Drinks served in souvenir cups, Novelty items, Stadium souvenirs, T-shirts and Hats. We make the every event fun, interesting and worth remembering.

Shorter Lines

Shorter lines mean more time to come back for seconds. Our Staff is extremely well trained with a proven system to provide quick courteous service. Proper set-up and years of experience sets JET Services apart from our competitors.

Exceeding Revenue Projections

JET Services is just as competitive as the athletes on the field. We want every event to surpass the event before it. We are constantly looking to make improvements that raise the bar of excellence. “ Good is the Enemy” JET Services sets its goal-line at “GREAT” when it comes to surpassing revenue projections.


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About Us

JET Services Inc. is celebrating 19 years in business.  We began in 1997 with the idea that a quality, well trained expandable workforce was needed in the event services industry.  Five Major League Baseball and Five National Football League’s agree that we were on to something.  Today we service events up and down the east coast with food, beverages, merchandise and a well-trained group of men and women.  Our team enhances the profitability of events by selecting the most enthusiastic recruits and training them in customer service, proper set-up and timely execution.  A big smile and shorter lines is what we are serving up.  Please contact us at : 877-JET-VEND to find out how Jet Services Inc. can enhance your next event.

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